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The Muslim Market and Our Advantages

● The expanding Muslim population and the scale of the economy

In 2013, the Muslim population was about 1.6 billion people, accounting for 22.3% of the world population. The worldwide Muslim Ratio in 2020 will be 26.4%, 1 in 4 people in the world will be Muslim. In 2050, it is predicted to be one-third of the world beyond the Christian population. In particular, there is a high rate of increase in Asia. In addition, the market size of the Muslim economic zone is 1.292 trillion in 2013 in the food and beverage market, and approximately 2.7 times the size of the Japan market in the same year. This is a huge market that is expected to extend to 2.537 trillion USD in 2019.

●Muslim market size in Japan

In Japan, it existed only 4 mosques (Muslim worship facilities) in the 1980s, it is exceeding 80 locations in 2014. The Muslim population to stay in Japan has become a scale of 180,000 people, and it is becoming the existence which has a big influence. In addition, the number of Muslim travelers has also increased rapidly in proportional to tourists visiting Japan. The number of visitors of Muslim in 2013 was about 300,000, but it is predicted to be 1 million in 2020.


Among the certification body, Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) has long history. It was established as a division of the Prime Minister's secretariat in 1968 as a part of the Islamic Issues Division, and became an independent direct-control body of the Prime Minister's secretariat in 1997. At the moment, JAKIM is the only government agency in the world to perform Halal certification. Because of the strict Halal certification by a government agency, JAKIM Certification is accepted in most Islamic countries. Products can be distributed to those countries if there is a JAKIM certification logo on it.

●Department of Islamic Development Malaysia ( JAKIM)

As an affiliate of Japan Halal Business Association (HJC), HJC Co., Ltd. has signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) which is the Government agency of Malaysia. Based on the conclusion of this agreement, the Company will support your Halal business, including the global Halal certification of JAKIM by HJC, Muslim friendly certification of HJC, support for obtaining non-alcoholic and non-pork certification, and product distribution after certification acquisition. We also provide consulting services to those who want to obtain Halal certification.

Collaboration with Malaysian JAKIM and HJC Assoc.

●Distribution by ENERTECH

ENERTECH (Malaysia) which is an affiliates of the Crown Prince of the State of Perlis Indera Kayangan, and HJC Co., Ltd, have concluded a partnership on Halal business. Therefore, it is possible to export to OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) member countries etc. which made Malaysia a hub.


Certification services of Halal Japan Corporation (HJC)

Halal Japan Corporation (HJC) promotes JAKIM Halal certification (global Halal), HJC Muslim friendly certification, HJC non-alcohol and non-pork certification. We, HJC Co., Ltd., have total support from consulting to the preparation of documents necessary for application.


certification(Application Agency)

HJC Muslim friendly certification

HJC non-alcohol and

non-pork certification

This is a global halal certification of HJC General Incorporated Association, a company that has signed a strategic partnership with Malaysian government agency JAKIM.

It is a certification mainly for the accommodation and the restaurant which HJC established while undergoing the supervision of JAKIM.

This certification is mainly targeting on distribution products such as foodstuffs and beverages, which HJC established while under the supervision of JAKIM.


Our services

● Hosting seminars

We will offer a seminar on basic knowledge of Halal business such as basics about Muslim and possibility of Muslim market. Why not join us, if you are considering Halal business!

● Training implementation

On behalf of HJC, we act internal training for establishing in-house committees and for persons in charge of various operations after the certification acquisition. The contents of training will vary depending on the type of certification you have acquired, so please contact us via below form for more information.

● Consulting

We are responding to the customer's consultation regarding the acquisition of various certifications promoted by HJC and the distribution and distribution of products that have been certified.  If you are considering Halal business, please feel free to contact us.

● Marketing research

Our company supports test sale at convenience stores and cooperating stores in Malaysia, such as whether your products are accepted at local at the expected price. You are also available group interviews with Muslims living in Japan by our support. It will help you to improve the accuracy of product development for Muslims.

● Document preparation agency

We act the preparation of various documents necessary for application of the HJC Muslim friendly products and HJC non-alcohol and non-pork certification to be certified by Japan Halal Business Association (HJC).
※Please consult the HJC (Association) for the preparation of the documents necessary for the JAKIM Halal certification.

● Specimen inspection

We accept entrusting specimen inspections including DNA analysis required for JAKIM Halal certification, and specimen inspections required for HJC Muslim friendly products, HJC non-alcohol and non-pork certification as well.

● Religious purification (Sertu)

To obtain the Halal certification, a religious wash (purification) of the facilities and equipment used before obtaining the certification is required. Our company offers the religious purification by the method formally trained.

● Distribution of certified products

We support export and domestic distribution of goods which has acquired JAKIM 's Global Halal certification from HJC (Japan Halal Business Association), and domestic distribution of HJC non-alcohol and non-pork certification products as well. ※ This is a limited service to a legal entity that has been certified by HJC.


●Questions and inquiries, your application about our services


Recruitment of area business premises and specified agents

As a partner to promote Halal dissemination activities, we are looking for an area business premises that has jurisdiction over the region in each prefecture and a specified agent that directly supports companies working on Halal business. If you are a juridical person who would like to work as an area business premises or specified agent, please contact us using the form below.

● Application of area business premises and specified agents, and inquiry

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